Our care services are accessed by individuals looking to overcome difficulties they face in their day to day life surrounding their age, physical health, mental health or learning difficulties. As we are registered by the CQC to provide support for client’s aged 13 and over, we offer a variety of different services. The aim of our care assistants is to improve the lives of all their clients, helping them to overcome the barriers that impede them daily.

We recognise the impact of each of our client’s individual needs, and the knock on effects it has on their lives. Social isolation, avoidance and lack of opportunity are all major issues that are far too common amongst those most vulnerable. Our care service encourage independence, socialising and overcoming barriers.

Many of our clients receive help at home to make day to day living a lot easier. Our services vary, with some clients opting for support with maintaining the home and meal preparation, whilst others have more in depth support with getting up and ready in the morning, and helped back to bed in the evening. Our services include:

  • Companionship
  • Respite and sitting services
  • Support with housework
  • Personal care
  • Help with specialist medical equipment
  • Managing medication
  • Managing finances
  • Support managing other areas of your life, for example with medical appointments.

Some of our clients face difficulties when leaving their home. Accessing services in the community can become a daunting task for many, and some vulnerabilities may make some activities seem impossible. This has lead to many staying at home a lot more, and missing out on opportunities that are available to them. At Kinect Services Limited, we offer a number of different ways in which we help our clients overcome these barriers, enabling them to feel more included in the wider community.

Some of our clients take advantage of one on one support, whereby they are accompanied out in the community to make activities more accessible and to allow them to feel more comfortable. Whether it’s helping them to go shopping, or if it’s to go out for the day to go to the cinema or swimming, clients and their families have told us that it has made them feel more confident that they can do things, and it has enabled them to get more out of their day to day life.

Other clients have opted for our day services, whereby we make use of our fleet of accessible minibuses to pick clients up from their homes so they can spend a day with other clients with similar interests and hobbies. We work with local facilities to offer a tailored variety of activities that have been suggested by our client’s, with the aim of promoting inclusivity, providing opportunities to do things that had been difficult to do before.

To find out more about how these services could help you or loved one, get in touch now to speak through your options with our care team.

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Frequently asked questions

Who will be carrying out my care?

You will be introduced to the care assistants that will  be carrying out your care. At Kinect services we believe it is important to be surrounded by familiar faces, so we will build a team of care assistants around you so that you can feel as comfortable as possible.

How do I know the person caring for me is qualified?

All staff have received full training in house and have completed (or are working towards completing) a care certificate which is the national set standards for providing care in the health and social care industry. Staff may also have completed further qualifications in health and social care.

How will my family know what support I have received?

At Kinect Services, we have invested in a system that allows the next of kin of clients to access clinical care notes and rotas online so that they are able to keep up to date with your care. This is available to all our clients, however consent to share this information will be gained from you first.

This has enabled families to keep up to date with any concerns, to see what medication has been taken, as well as what food/drink has been consumed. This means that family members do not need to worry if tasks have been completed, as they can quickly check on their phones or computers.

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