What should I expect from a care assessment?

Clients are introduced to our service in a number of different ways. Some have been told what they need by local authorities or health services and have opted for us to provide the support they require, and others have contacted us to see what we can do for them....

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The importance of Respite

A lot of carers believe that it should be down to them to care for a loved one, and that they shouldn't or don't need help. They will regularly turn down opportunities to do things for themselves; many having given up work, socialising, hobbies and appointments...

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Not sure about getting support?

A lot of people are put off accessing care/support services because of their beliefs surrounding what it involves.  They may hear the words ‘care’ and ‘support’ and immediately get put off. At Kinect Services Limited, we encourage all our client’s to live as...

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Helping Carers

We understand that the emotional and physical impact of caring for a loved one can take its toll. Many people believe it is their responsibility and duty to do everything, leaving them feeling as though they shouldn’t ask for help, or will feel guilty if they let...

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Frequently asked questions

How regularly will I need care?

Before you start receiving care from the company, we will visit you to carry out an assessment where we can work out what your needs are. From there, we can discuss how often you will need us to visit based on what tasks/activities you need support with.

We are able to provide ongoing care on a day to day or week to week basis, as well as being able to provide respite care as a one off.

How can I get a quote for a minibus to take me somewhere?

Please call us on 0702 597995, or email us at

How can I find out when and where courses are ran?

Each of our courses are ran at different intervals and at times different locations. To find out when a course you are interested may be run, get in touch by calling 01702 597995 or emailing

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