What should I expect from a care assessment?

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Clients are introduced to our service in a number of different ways. Some have been told what they need by local authorities or health services and have opted for us to provide the support they require, and others have contacted us to see what we can do for them. Whichever one you are, you will go through the same processes in become one of our care clients. 

  1. Contacting us

Whether you have been pointed our way or found us online, contacting us over the phone or by email will be the first stage in getting you the care you want. This initial contact will be used to book a free initial assessment, which can be undertaken in our head office or in the comfort of your own home. 

We are flexible with where and when the assessment can take place, so pick a time which you and your supportive family/friends can easily make.

  1. Assessment

The first assessment will allow us to find out more about you. We will ask what you want initially, and then find out more about your current situation to see if there is anymore that we can do for you. This could take into account the needs of those around you too.

By asking more about your interests, hobbies and other requests, we may find that we already have groups/activities set up that may suit you. If not, it will give us a chance early on to develop a care programme which can meet these needs later on in your care plan

We will look to set up either a structured routine of appointments, or talk you through the flexibility we are able to provide. It is common for people to be seen at the same time each day/week, however we offer the flexibility to meet your changing needs too.

We will also use this meeting to discuss finances, and finally produce a succinct care plan which you have been involved in creating along the way, so that you, our service and those around you are on the same page with what is planned.

  1. Meet your carers

Once you have decided to work with us, we will introduce you to our support staff that will now be involved in your care. This initial introduction can help overcome any initial anxieties you may have, and will enable you to break the ice before beginning your ongoing relationship.

This informal chat will allow both you and our staff to briefly get to know one another, and put your mind at ease of what and who to expect when your first appointment comes around.

  1. Care Plan

The Care plan details what you and the service has agreed to in terms of what is provided by the service, based on your wants and needs. This is a document that holds all the tailor-made decisions that have cooperatively been agreed, and helps to keep all those involved in your care informed of what care you are receiving.

Your wants and needs however won’t stay the same, and therefore this is a document which evolves and adapts to you. In order to ensure we provide person-centred care, we make sure that you are involved in every decision about your care, and therefore we would not initiate any changes to your care without a ‘care plan review’.

A care plan review involves subsequent meetings, similar to the initial assessment, however focuses on making changes based on suggestions from our care team, or from requests by the client and/or their family/friends. A review can be requested at any time, and is an important part of making sure the client knows that their choice is always respected.

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